3 in 1 Bristle Edge Brush

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Color: Black

Soft bristles - By softly putting the hairs down against the scalp, a soft nylon brush side can be used to groom the hairline. The bristles don't pull or itch your skin when brushing because they feel tough but smooth. For a tidy and polished appearance, use it to help shape short, unruly baby hairs and control flyaways close to your hairline. It works well for transforming fine hair as well.

Controlled look - Suitable for all hair types and thicknesses, comfortable to use. This special 3-in-1 tool prevents flyaways and maintains edges. You are prepared for that crucial business meeting or memorable event with a controlled and liberated look.

Fine teeth - The small comb works well for bangs, hairlines, eyebrows, and lashes since it is ideal for defining and separating even the shortest hairs. The fine teeth are perfect for combing your hair's edges, shaping and defining your brows, and separating your eyelashes. For a polished finish, mix with your preferred styling gel.

There is no skin pain- Double-edged brushes are gentle on the scalp but hard enough to help smooth the edges, clean the hair, and fit for baby hairs, temples, and hairs; they don't tug or scratch the skin. Smooth out the hairs, organize the unkempt borders, and improve the appearance of your hair.