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Strong Vegan Lash Glue

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Applying your mink lashes requires our powerful vegan lash adhesive. You can apply our lash glue to your lash bands with ease thanks to its simple and accurate tip. It makes putting on eyelashes as simple as 1, 2, 3! After the initial application, our lash glue may make your lashes last all day. Directions: Your eyelashes should be precisely cut to fit your lash line. Next, affix the lash band with our durable vegan lash adhesive. Before applying to the lash line, let the adhesive dry and become tacky. Then, just apply your eyelashes as closely as you can to the lash line and hold them in place for 30 seconds. Your lashes ought to be ready to go after that!

Type: Eyelash Glue
Usage: False Eyelash
Volume: 5ml
Color: White dries clear
Function: Adhesive
Feature: Waterproof/Long Lasting/Dry Fast